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The Word Decoder

You don't Know Nature, Unless you Live with Nature


Knowing our history, is the key to preserving our Environment for in our past retains the values to sustain the relationship of our inner selves and nature. 

Join young educated Confi as she is kidnapped by the Jupe-Comanche band while traveling to create a new independent life in the town of Santa Fe. Little did Confi realize that her answer to a simple question would change vantage of life forever, Tu puedes leer y escribe? Can you read and write?

The master chief of the eastern plains, Chief Cuerno Verde-Green Horn, had been searching for a young educated person that would assist the band in translating and bartering for items with the new emigrants, the European Spanish.

Confi living with the Jupe community,  learned the Nuumic language and traveled by horse with the trading team and translated with the opposing trade partners that spoke the new language of the prairie, Spanish. 

What Confi learned was far more than she expected, she learned of the relationship and respect this new home had for nature, the customs of dance, song, smoke and philosophy the Numic people placed on preserving their environment.  The Oneness of nature and Spitrituality shown itself in the brilliant colors of everyday life.

Yet what the Jupe band learned from Confi could not be placed in words, she gave up her life to become one of their family and provide her wisdom to trade and negotiate for their community.

It is with respect, she became known as the Word Decoder.

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     You don't know yourself

Unless you know your history

      2019 Best Book Cover

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